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Important Dates/Updates

Join your colleagues at the 2024 Summer Heat Transfer Conference

The conference will bring together international researchers and engineers focusing on heat and mass transfer in a variety of applications. The SHTC 2024 program will include technical paper sessions, plenary lectures, committee meetings and social events. The objectives of the meeting are to provide a forum for presentation of state-of-the-art research and opportunities for technical interactions among participants.


  • K-6: Heat Transfer in Energy Systems
  • K-7: Thermophysical Properties
  • K-8: Theory and Fundamental Research
  • K-9: Nanoscale Thermal Transport
  • K-10: Heat Transfer Equipment
  • K-11: Fire and Combustion
  • K-12: Aerospace Heat Transfer
  • K-13: Heat Transfer in Multi-Phase Flow
  • K-14: Gas Turbine Heat Transfer
  • K-15: Transport Phenom. in Manuf. and Mat'ls Proc.
  • K-16: Heat Transfer in Electronic Equipment
  • K-17: Heat and Mass Transfer in Biotechnology
  • K-18: Heat Transfer Under Extreme Conditions
  • K-19: Environmental Heat Transfer
  • K-20: Computational Heat Transfer
  • Symposium in Memory of Professor Richard J. Goldstein

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